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Refund Policy

Last updated August 27, 2020

Paysomeonetodomyhomework.com is proud to offer an “A” or “B” grade guarantee. That means we guarantee at least an 80% or better or else a reimbursement will be provided. Reimbursements of 50% of the total price will be made for “C” grades (between 70% and 79%); for a grade below 70% a full refund will be provided. Please note that fractional grades are rounded up to the nearest whole number (for instance, 89.8% rounds up to 90%).

In the event that the customer changes the date, time or cancels a homework, quiz or exam that has been already scheduled, there will be a $40 rescheduling fee.

In the case of full classes or partial bulk coursework where an initial payment has already been made, if the customer decides to cancel the service without giving us a chance to do the work and deliver our grade guarantee, then the initial payment will be forfeited by the customer. In the event that the work done for the full class or the bulk coursework exceeds the total monetary value of the initial payment, then the student/client will be responsible to additionally pay the difference between the initial payment and the total price for the work already done. If the work done exceeds 70% of the work for the full class or the bulk coursework then the student is responsible to pay the full price of the quote given for said work in the event that they decide to cancel the service.

Paysomeonetodomyhomework.com reserves the right to void any guarantee under the following conditions: any assignment details are changed after payment is received (including but not limited to due date and/or time, necessary materials for completion, additional materials being provided, instruction changes, formatting or presentation changes, delivery changes); we are unable to access the course online, or the materials, or are not given ample time with materials; additional information was needed to complete the assignment requirements, but was not provided in advance; our expert is kicked out of the online course if the student/customer logs in simultaneously; other unforeseen instances. In the unlikely event that we do not meet our grade guarantee, we will provide you with a prompt refund.

However, we do not offer refunds prior to our expert completing the assignment. It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with our grade guarantee, full terms, and conditions that may void the customer’s ability to seek a reimbursement.

Any claim for refund or reimbursement will need to be verified by a representative of Paysomeonetodomyhomework.com; customer agrees to provide access to a representative of Paysomeonetodomyhomework.com to verify the grade and waives guarantee if access cannot or will not be granted to a representative of Paysomeonetodomyhomework.com. Grade guarantee and reimbursement is valid 14 days from the day the work is returned to the customer.